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    Super Hicare Pest Control is considered as a leading Pest Control Company in Faridabad & NCR. We are dealing with the Pest Control and Rodent Control service and Termite Control, Cockroach Control, Rats Control, Mosquito Control, Flies Control, Ant Control, Cricket Control, Bedbug Control, Fleas Control, Ticks Control, Carpet Beetle Control, Silver Fish, Spider Control, Moths Control since 2005. Apart from the Faridabad Market, our services are well adopted in Noida, Faridabad, Faridabad, Sonipat, Panipat etc. Our team members have detailed and thorough knowledge of the procedures that are followed for the effective pest control. Due to our effective approach, we stand highly differentiable. We are well equipped and the most abundant in latest technology to make your place a pest free premises. Our company provides pest control services and gives training around the banned pesticides and the safe health a result of it. We use only eco-friendly and approved chemicals intended for pest control solution. We also take care of your health while offering services. Because of this, we are the mostly preferred choice of the particular customer. We are committed to offer best services in order to maintain healthy business relation with every single client. We also deliver close monitoring and supply post pest control management services. Safety is our top most priority while treating the premises and ratio of pesticides utilized by us is minimal in comparison to other service of pest control. The chemicals used by us are sourced on the authentic and reliable vendors who always follow the principles regarding the generation of chemicals. So far, there are definitely not adverse health risk related complaints noted against us. We also carry the buyer chemicals that we use to the effective pest control.